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How to Treat the 3 Most Common Ankle Sprain Grades

How to Treat the 3 Most Common Ankle Sprain Grades

Ankle sprains are among the most common injuries, affecting some 25,000 people per day in the United States. At some point in their lives, 7 in 1,000 people sprain an ankle.

While most anyone can suffer a sprained ankle, it’s more likely if you play a sport like basketball, soccer, or football. You can also sprain your ankle walking or jogging on uneven ground. Most anything that can cause you to roll or twist your ankle joint can result in a sprain.

Board-certified orthopedic sports medicine surgeon Dr. Stephen Fisher and his team at offices in Cumming, Buford, and Braselton, Georgia, diagnose and treat ankle injuries to get you comfortably back on your feet.

Here, we explore the categories of ankle sprains and the treatments we provide.

Grading ankle sprains

When you’ve sprained your ankle, Dr. Fisher and his team determine your treatment plan based on the grade, or level of damage to your ligaments. While all ankle sprains cause bruising, tenderness, and swelling, they do so to different degrees.

The three most common grades are:

With a grade 1 ankle sprain, you may not have any pain while walking or standing. With a grade 3 sprain, you may struggle to put any weight on your ankle because of the pain.

Treatment for your ankle sprain

Most ankle sprains heal without surgery. Depending on the severity of your injury, your treatment plan may include:

The initial rest period typically lasts for the first several days, when swelling and pain are the most intense. During this time, you may benefit from crutches or a knee scooter. 

If you do end up needing surgery, due to an especially severe sprain or one that doesn’t respond to other treatments, we offer numerous options. 

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive option that can repair injured tissue via a small incision, guided by a tiny camera. Ligament repair surgery addresses chronic sprains or related instability by reconstructing the damaged ligament.

To learn more about ankle sprains or to get the treatment you need, call the office nearest you or book an appointment through our website today.

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